lykketårer - Jeg er en jente på 17 år

All you gotta do is smile and down I go



Good memories

The way you look, the way you laugh, 
the way you love with all you have,
there ain't nothing bout you, that don't do something for me
the way you kiss, the way you cry,
the way you move when you walk by
There ain't nothing bout you
that don't do something for me


It's just a feelin'

It's just a feelin' that I have


Take me back to that night, please


Foto// Lydia

I've got that feeling that i can't describe


Bad decisions make good stories


When someone promises you they are telling the truth, but you can tell they are still lying

Foto// Lydia

He makes me smile


Savnet er ekstra stort på dager som denne, god farsdag pappa!


hvil i fred

When you realize what your biggest wish is

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