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Tired of this

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I'm so freaking tired of this.
I need a break.
Too much at once.
And even though I'm tired now, I'll be back, stronger than before.
Just wait, and you'll see.


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Foto// Lydia

The symbol of love

Foto// Lydia

Take this ring as a symbol of my love ♥

Light pastel

Foto// Lydia. Brukte lav lukkerhastighet.

When the light embraces everything, and all kinds of colors make beautiful patterns.

Pepsi + salt

Foto// Lydia


Foto// Lydia

Trust me just this once - you are the opposite of ordinary.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 10, p.210


Foto// Lydia,selvutløser

Focus on the good things that happen in life.
Focus on the good in people.
Focus on the things that make you happy.
Focus on what you look forward to.
Focus on the truth.

Take a deep look

Foto// Lydia

The eyes are the soul's mirror.

Raquel Reed

Foto// - Kilde: Google

Digger Raquel, sier bare;
dare to be different!